On the Move in Europe - Towards a Democratic, Multicultural Europe

Address:   Eisenhowerlaan 59, Post code: 3844AS, Harderwijk, NL22 - Gelderland, Netherlands
Telephone:  +31341414484 / +31341411665
Type of organisation:   School/Institute/Educational centre – General education (secondary level)

Organisation presentation
The RSG Slingerbos/Levant, is a public secondary school for students of 12 – 18 years old, in the middle of the Netherlands. The school is situated in two different places at a distance of 15 km, in Harderwijk and in Zeewolde. It has 2400 students. The staff includes 200 teachers. The two very modern buildings (Harderwijk has completely been renovated in 2014) are adapted to all requirements of this digital era. The school has paces for students to work independently or work in groups. All students have an iPad. Education is partly digital, which gives many opportunities to the learning possibilities of the students. Differentiation and personified education are learning priorities. Education is given in three different levels, preparing for middle and higher education. After the upper secondary level, students continue their education at the University. Our public school was founded 50 years ago, in an originally religious region, to give a chance to all people to follow secondary education, whatever religion or political beliefs they have. Now the school has an important place in the region. Although the majority of the students are from the Netherlands, about 5 - 10 % of our students are from other countries, like Turkey, Maroc, Afganistan, Irak, etc. We have 30 different nationalities. All students are well integrated in the school community. The ambition of the school is to give all students the opportunity to develop her or his talents in the best possible way. Mutual respect in a safe and challenging learning environment, is the base for cooperation. Social, sportive and cultural development are important aspects of education. The school offers four different streams in each level: Technasium, Sports classes, Bilingual education/internationalization, and Arts. Internationalization: the school is qualified part of the nationwide bilingual network. All teachers of the bilingual part are qualified in Cambridge Proficiency level, or they are native speakers of English. EIO(European and International Orientation) is integrated in the school subjects. CLIL is integrated in the bilingual department. The school participates the international Elos- network (Europe as learning environment in school) of the European Platform/EP-Nuffic. This means: bilingual lessons, focus on high level languages (English, German, French). Teachers are qualified in Cambridge Proficiency level. We offer DELF (French) and Goethe (German) exams at B1, B2 and C1-level. In the lower levels the students do the official Anglia exams. Knowledge of Europe, international projects, like many Comenius projects since 2004, students contacts and projects all over Europe, many different exchanges 2004 as well, a European market each year are part of the mandatory international curriculum. All levels of education are based on EIO (European and International Orientation) and the CFEC (Common Framework of European Reference). An important part of internationalization, apart from knowledge of Europe and a high level of language teaching, is the contact with students abroad. In many writing/letter/ email-projects (schools in France, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, England, Denmark) day-excursions (Germany and Belgium, our neighbours, and Lille in France), exchanges (Czech Republic, two destinations in Italy, Spain, England) and long-term exchanges (Italy, Spain), our students have contact with peers in other countries. In all possible ways students are challenged to broaden their horizon. This stimulates understanding and tolerance for other cultures. In our school the quality system is guaranteed by the system: Plan, Do, Check, Act. After starting the project each year we will focus on the last two parts: Check and Act, to improve Plan and Do. We set our goals and we will measure the results. This will be done by surveys, interviews or evaluation.

Activities and projects of organisation relevant for project
In the RSG Slingerbos/Levant we give all students all chances to finish school in the best possible way and we want them to be part of the school community. In the Schoolplan's 2014 – 2018, there is a description of a part of the Mission of the school: “ All persons are unique, and deserve to be able to develop in their own way, in a learning environment, where everyone can, and may be himself or herself.” One of the pillars, the characteristics of the school organization is: “ Our employees are an example for integrity and ethical behaviour. They behave like that and then talk to each other. Our educational environment is characterized by mutual respect.” Students with special needs get all possible support within the school system. Students with mental problems will be helped by their class mentor and by specialists. In our school we have an ortho pedagogue, a care coordinator, a care team, a counselor, three specialists to support students with problems, three care supervisors, and several ‘specialist’ mentors for pupils who need extra support. All classes have a mentor, who accompanies the class and individuals, with the intention to have a safe climate in the class, in which everyone can be himself or herself. In fact this is one of the spearheads of the class management. All students from abroad who need extra attention are helped by their mentor and specialists. We educate our students in being open-minded and understanding towards students from other cultures. This has never been a problem, all students are well integrated in the classes In Harderwijk a centre for refugees, will be formed in spring 2016, nearby the school. We are in contact with the organisation of this centre. The management involves us in all kind of information and activities. During our project and after the lifetime of the project our students will cooperate with this centre and its inhabitants. This will be one of the activities during this Erasmus+ project, that will be continued afterwards. The key persons involved in this project are teachers of History, Geography and English. They have a lot of knowledge, experience and interest in the subjects of our project, like the history of migration, streams of migrations all over the world, European values, democratic educatio, teaching language to refugees and project management.

Legal representative
Name: Anne-Marie Leeuwenburgh
Position: principal (department: languages)
Phone: 0031 341 414484

Contact person
Name: Irene Keizer
Position: teacher of French, coordinator internationalisation (department: languages)
Phone: 0031 341 414484