On the Move in Europe - Towards a Democratic, Multicultural Europe

Address:   Apáczai Csere János körtér 1, Post code: 7632, Pécs, HU231 - Baranya, Hungary
Telephone:  +3672550613
Fax:  +3672550638
Type of organisation:   School/Institute/Educational centre – General education (secondary level)

Organisation presentation
Our school complex, called Apáczai Educational Centre, is located in the town of Pécs in the Southern-Transdanubian region of in Hungary. The school with a history of 30 years is a unique educational institution in Hungary. It consists of one secondary and two primary schools, a basic school of arts and a hostel which are professionally independent, but practically they cooperate with each other. One of our essential principles is equity which is realised through the support and integration of students who are at a disadvantage. We can also be proud of the high standards of language teaching including bilingual classes of English both in our primary and secondary schools.

Activities and projects of organisation relevant for project
Our town has a long history in education, and its University is visited by students from several countries around world, primarily because its Faculty of Medicine. Thus the town has its multicultural touch that makes people (mostly the younger generation) more open to other cultures. In the last decades many foreign students decided to settle here so we always have students with parents from the Middle-East, South-East Asia, Africa or European countries. They usually study in our bilingual classes. The basic aims in the curriculum of our school point out the importance of tolerance towards people of different nationality, cultural, social and religious background even colour of skin, and towards disabled people as well. In practice it means that teachers have to be aware of the way they communicate when these questions turn up during the process of education, which may happen on more levels: - Some subjects like history, (population) geography or civilisation can be directly connected to the questions of tolerance towards other people. - Topics in other subjects like biology, literature, foreign languages can also be relevant to this issue. - During the course of lessons the attitude of teachers has its pedagogical significance by shaping the approach of students. Considering the recent wave of migration from the Middle-East we believe that this project has a high importance, as it can make the younger generation deal with this extremely important issue. Thinking together, discussing is an essential element of democracy and this project helps young people to learn how to become tolerant, socially aware members of their country and that of the European Union.

Legal representative
Name: Katalin Turi
Position: principal
Phone: +3672550620

Contact person
Name: Krisztina Erdelyi
Position: teacher - head of department of English - secondary school
Phone: +3705631500